What is the Best Replacement to Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes have become the most popular vape design due to their convenience. They have helped many smokers switch to a healthier lifestyle. However, the government plans to ban disposable vapes by the end of 2024, leaving disposable users unsure of what to do next.

There are plenty of alternatives to disposable vapes that offer a similar experience. These alternatives are just as easy to use and much more cost-effective. In this article, we will introduce you to refillable and prefilled pod kits, which will help you transition away from disposables effortlessly.


Are disposable vapes better than regular vapes?

Disposable vapes have a standout benefit: accessibility. Once unboxed, they can be used immediately without the need for learning or reading instructions. Most importantly, there are no activation or maintenance requirements. This is especially beneficial for individuals with hand disabilities like arthritis, as disposables do not strain the hands and can be easily held and used.

However, despite their ease of use, disposables have several negative aspects that cannot be ignored. The biggest drawback is the amount of waste they produce. Once empty, the entire disposable vape, including the battery, needs to be thrown away. Unfortunately, these disposable vapes are often not recycled and can be found littering the streets.

Furthermore, disposables are the least economical option for vape kits. A standard disposable vape provides up to 600 puffs at a cost of £4-£5 per unit. For just £1 more, you can get double the amount of puffs with a prefilled pod kit, and a staggering 3000 puffs for a fraction of the cost with a refillable pod kit. Rechargeable and refillable pod vapes are much cheaper and offer a wide range of flavour options to try. These kits can be filled with e-liquids that match the flavour intensity of disposable vapes while still delivering rapid nicotine satisfaction.

Convenience and ease of use are no longer exclusive to disposables, as refillable pod kits are now virtually step-free and simple to use. They range from straightforward fill-and-go devices to kits with customizable features that allow you to control your draw and vapor production. With a refillable kit, you can also access lower nicotine strengths, such as 10mg and 5mg nic salt, which are more suitable for light or social smokers and help reduce nicotine intake.

Refillable pod kits are designed to be sleek, stylish, and highly portable. In the long run, you will spend much less on juice top-ups and coils compared to the disposable route. Most importantly, you won't be disposing of a lithium battery every time it runs out.


Which vape is similar to a disposable Vape?

There are two types of vape kits that offer a similar experience to disposables. Prefilled and refillable vape devices provide a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape that is identical to disposables and are designed to be easy to use.


Prefilled pod kits are the next step up from disposables. They have the same size and shape as disposables but come with a rechargeable battery and replaceable pods that are already filled with e-liquid. These pods simply click into place. Other than that, they work the same way as disposable kits and are almost 50% cheaper than single-use vape kits.

Refillable pod kits have an open pod system that allows you to refill a 2ml pod with your favourite nicotine salt e-liquid. There is a bit more maintenance involved as the pods or coils need to be replaced every week or so. However, this process is easy to do and these kits give you the ability to customize your vaping experience. Refillable pod kits are compact and highly portable. They have a rechargeable battery that is often more powerful than the one in a disposable vape. They also have modern Type-C charging, which means you can quickly get back to vaping. Operating an open pod device is simple, with most devices now featuring the auto-draw function you're used to. Some even have additional button firing for more control.

What are the distinctions between a reusable vape and a disposable vape?

Disposable vapes have a major advantage in terms of being easily accessible and requiring no maintenance. However, the disadvantages of these one-time use devices outweigh the benefits. On the other hand, a reusable vape kit offers numerous advantages that make it the logical choice for any vaper, regardless of their experience level or specific needs.

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Are disposable vapes expensive than reusable vapes?

When you quit smoking and start vaping, one of the major benefits is the cost. By switching to a prefilled pod kit, you can save up to half of your monthly expenses. Additionally, maintaining a refillable pod kit is even more cost-effective as you only need to buy e-liquid every few weeks and coils every month or so. After the initial device cost, a refillable pod kit is three times cheaper per month compared to a disposable vape kit. Furthermore, at Vape Superstore, you can take advantage of multi-buy deals to save even more money.

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