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Our History, VAPEaah.Com is our new upgraded site, replacing the old site ECIG2U. The company VAPEaah.Com is part of Real Trading Ltd, a company formed in 2010 and one of the first to trade in store & online in vape products.

Our main business is wholesale based, supply numerous multiple & independents stores across England & the EU.

We have also launched our own varied product ranges (FLAVaah, VAPEaah , Vertu Vape, FogKing Vape, Nic MIXaah) which cover the varied products from Disposable, 10ml in 50/50 range and high VG products in both 10ml & Shortfill bottles.

We work with majority of the top UK brands and tobacco companies, giving us an unrivalled product range.

Part of the UKVIA, (UK Vaping Industry Association). The UKVIA are there to educate and help facilitate change to enable more people to make an informed decision when it comes to their health and how vaping can benefit them.

Why us?

By providing the best products at the best prices, we want to help make the decision to quit smoking an easy one. There’s a lot to learn when you first start on your vaping journey, and it can be an intimidating experience walking into a vape shop for the first time. By investing heavily in our products & staff training, we make sure their knowledge evolves and adapts as quickly as the vaping industry itself does. They’re all vapers too - meaning they know what they’re selling you and give your personal recommendations that come from real experience.