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Boasting a summery flavour that you can enjoy all year round, Mint Sorbet pods by Logic features a fresh concoction that hits the spot. Botanical notes of herbal mints are fused with sugary tones of frozen sorbet, invigorating the taste buds.

Designed for use with the new and improved Logic Vapes Welcome kit, Logic Vape pods feature exciting and long-awaited flavour upgrades. Each pod contains 1.7ml of standard nicotine e-liquid and provides up to 1000 puffs of pure satisfaction, mimicking the feel of a conventional cigarette. Logic Vape pods come in packs of two.

Prefer the sensation of nicotine salts? Most Logic Vape Pod flavours are also available with a nicotine salt formula: just look for the 'Logic Intense' range.

  • High-quality e-liquid produced in Europe
  • Secure magnetic connection
  • Compatibility: Logic Pod Device & Compact Device
  • Flavour profile: Mint & sugary sorbet