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Ploom X is a unique combination of authentic taste, refined heating technology, and personalised style – all coming together to deliver ultimate heated tobacco taste satisfaction. Upgrade to a unique Heated Tobacco Xperience.


* Unique HeatFlow technology for ultimate tobacco flavour and taste satisfaction, from the first puff to the last
* Authentic and familiar experience when coupled with EVO tobacco sticks
* Battery delivers up to 20 uses per charge, and takes just 25 seconds to warm up
* Featuring IntuiTouch – our intuitive, button-free tech
* LEDs and responsive vibrations tell you when Ploom X is ready to go, when to recharge, and more
* A lightweight, ergonomic palm-fitting shape
* Maintenance is minimal. Ploom X creates minimal loose tobacco so it's quick and easy to clean.

The Ploom X box contains:
1 Ploom X device
1 USB type-C cable
1 AC adaptor
1 Set of cleaning sticks